Comment: "Well, you geniuses, social

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"Well, you geniuses, social

"Well, you geniuses, social reformers, and improvers of society..."

Out of the whole rant this is what popped out to me the most. Just the whole way you are attacking anarchists tells me that you might have a strong personal distaste for the people that share these ideologies. And the way you referred to the others as a "peaceful social organization"(which i'm guessing is supposed to be you and the conservatives?), going on to say they get attacked by voluntrayists.. LOL Warped....

It sounds like you have some deep-rooted pro Authoritarianistic ideals and just a completely negative mental picture of Anarchism.
Why can't you just accept that not everyone wants to live under someone else's rules. Some of us want to make our own decisions in life. Be individuals.

You can have YOUR constitution, flag, bill of rights, street light laws, soda regulations and all of that in a Voluntary society.. But we can't have our own personal freedom in your system... Sounds like you're the one that needs to think about some compromise.

Oh and btw.. In Spain they had an Anarcho society for 3 years, during the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War. They say it went beautifully. You know who killed innocent people and destroyed their way of life?? The newly formed fascist Franco government...
But aye, don't take my word for it, just listen to the people who were actually there:

Wow, they sound like just complete freaks. Such chaotic anarchists :o

.....Be afraid, be very afraid of a life without daddy government lol