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If UN loving countries like France already have their own spy-nets, obviously the UN obviously has near direct access to multitudes of these spy nets.

If I was the UN globalists (which thankfully I am not) I would bide my time and amass evidence before lowering the boom on the neo-con elite.

Behind the scenes notice that neo-cons are losing sway and are slowly being picked off one by one.

One of the top neo-con enablers - Rupert Murdoch is being pecked away at and destroyed daily.

Neo-Con puppet Morsi is out in Egypt, along with his Jihadists and Al Queda rebels being shuttled to Syria to pretend to be Syrian rebels.

Globalist El Baradei is waiting in the wings.

The neo-con push in Syria is losing velocity. (though I'm sure the globalists don't give a rat's ass about assad, I notice they are letting the neo-cons do all the dirty work and letting them take the heat)

If I was a neo-con and I hated globalists, I'd be very nervous the way things are playing out.