Comment: Your understanding of law fails

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Your understanding of law fails

You think coercion is somehow lawful and that is not true. Coercion is crime. If one claims to be enforcing a law while committing crime it is called color of law. I do not advocate anarchy I only advocate exactly what our law says; All men are created equal. This means equal liability for everyone's own self-initiated actions against another.

Government's are instituted to secure our individual rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. If another man is taking my liberty without accepting liability for any potential false accusations OR acting in limited liability agency to the accuser who IS accepting liability for taking my liberty (time) then the whole act of coercion is colorable and outside of law.

You don't seem to understand contract law and the law of agency. The crats have voluntarily signed a contract to secure these rights and have prohibited activities while in capacity. Coercion/Extortion is a crime and remedy and justice are due to the one committing the crime. Statutes can only be applicable to entities the contract for such regulation. Criminal usurpers have twisted the meaning of words and invented phantom legal concepts like "strict liability" in order to limit their own liability while claiming unlawful authority over another in total disregard of the law of agency. Lysander Spooner understands law and you should read his book No Treason. He explains exactly how constitutional government can lawfully operate.

If you think a small group of corrupt men can write what ever law they want and it is assumed to be applicable to everyone then YOU are the one who is enabling a lawless society (anarchy). Our laws are from deeper concepts from Common Law and our Organic Laws lists the three rights government was established to protect anything else is unlawful in order to demonstrate repugnant concepts in British Common Law.

If someone is taking liberty unjustly (justly = from the consent of governed i.e. the EQUAL accuser accepting liability for civil or criminal actions to invoke the powers of justice) then they are not securing liberty. Our law is simple and applies equally. Most have forgotten what the Law of Agency actually is and how it works and now most are in the same state of confusion you have demonstrated here. Good people are now confused into actually advocating mass criminal acts by the government because of their ignorance of law and because YOU are not willing to accept liability for your accusation against another. This is what equal justice under the law actually means but it seems you can't handle freedom and self-governance because the fear of imagination land has taken over your mind to the point where you eject opinions without understanding real law.

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