Comment: Unfortunately, the majority

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Unfortunately, the majority

Unfortunately, the majority of people will NOT turn off their TVs or radios. The harder that governmental and corporate forces push the InterNet, the stronger the backlash. Over the past year, broadcast media has experienced a modest revival due largely to governmental meddling with the InterNet which will only worsen in the future.

So, Ron, will your content be available for rebroadcasting? You'd be smart if you encouraged both licensed and unlicensed broadcasters to disseminate your content, but most unlicensed broadcasters won't have the financial resources to pay royalties for rebroadcasting.

Fortunately, alternative media in its many forms will only continue to grow so no person, group or medium will have a monopoly. I've chosen unlicensed low-power radio to disseminate truth in my community and I'm glad that I did.