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An existing people's land

Israel exists, so I agree, there is no reason to deny Israelis the land made for them by the Brittish who OCCUPIED AND CONTROLLED PALESTINE, with the Balfore Treaty.

Holocast happened and if we forget, it will happen again. The best lesson I learned from the holocast was from an Israeli: "If we were armed, the holocast would not have happened."

Jesus is a "central charactor"? I think that statement is true for Muslims, and since Muslims do not have any faith in Jesus, and Muslims BRUTALLY control Palestine, I don't believe the Jesus charactor applies. Israel is not a Christian nation. And I think Jesus weeps for ALL people who do not have faith in him. Jesus does not weep for suffering. Suffering is a condition of life.

I think you do not understand how BRUTAL Palestinians are to Palestinians and do not understand the true plight of Palestine.

Palestine is controlled by the UN, which respects Sharia Law. Maybe you believe in arranged marriages and that your husband has all the rights? Maybe you believe that a woman's duty is to serve her husband and his family AS HE SEES FIT, and to produce heirs, as many as possible? Maybe you agree that living in a policed state that monitors eveything you do and say is good living? Maybe you think Islam should be the world's religion and nothing but Islam has a right to exist? Maybe you think that if Israel ceased to exist there would be peace in Earth because Sharia Laws are true freedom? Maybe you believe that homosexual behavior deserves death? Maybe you believe torture is humane and just? Maybe you believe that it is not what you think, but what others think about you that is MOST important? Maybe you believe that HATE is a good way to live?

Maybe you beleive that Israel HATES Palestine? That would be wrong. Israel very much wants PEACE with Palestine, however, Sharia Laws prevents that, and since the UN respects Sharia Law, the UN is wanting a global government to enslave ALL people, Sharia Law or Communism.. the UN abets wars, it does not stop them.

Maybe Mohammad should weep for his children?