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not disingenuous, no--

just making a point that we have no real enemies. I believe, from what I've heard Dr. Paul say, that he believes our "real" enemies are within this nation--

not outside this nation--

so, yes, I believe he was being diplomatic, as always. Careful; he's a statesman--

I've never heard him say, "____________ (try China or Russia) is our enemy"--

So, why not say that Israel is *our* friend, though what does that really mean? It means that Dr. Paul sees the real threat as within the ranks of American out-of-control bureacracy--the alphabet agencies, especially--

our 'enemies', in his opinion, from what *I* have heard, are our own foreign policymakers--

So, yes, diplomatic, and diplomatic does not have to mean that he is being disingenuous--

the fact is that AIPAC has tremendous influence here in the U.S., and that is just dead wrong.

I don't doubt that there have been evil people on all sides; I don't see it as black and white, with "these are the good guys; these are the bad guys"--

What concerns me about what you say about Israel is that you seem to be very pro-Israel.

And, frankly, this is just my opinion, just my own belief, I can't be pro-ANY nation, including America, right now/anymore.

So, when someone/anyone starts 'pushing' the good things about any nation, I become suspicious.

Yes, I've heard people praise Iceland for standing up to the big banks, and that intrigues me, but I don't think that makes me want to move there; I am sure they have their gaps--

I am not pro-Iceland or pro-any nation, however much good might be happening there.

Palestine is a huge wart on Israel, so to take Israel's side with that huge wart--

maybe that is a loving thing to do, and it's your right to choose to do that, but I am uncomfortable when anyone suggests to me that 'this body is healthy' when there is a huge cancer (yes, or enormous wart that takes up half the body) in that body.

It makes it hard to take a person seriously.

Yes, Britain was bad/evil; yes, there were many mistakes made; yes, the UN is out of control and ridiculous.

I don't, however, get all worked up over "Sharia" law--

I respect different religions, and I think there are gaps in every religion--

any person can find abuse inside any religion if he/she looks hard enough--

any religion--

so to 'pick on' Islam seems ridiculous--

by the way, Orthodox Jews are often more fussy about arranged marriages than many Muslims--

leave the religions alone, and let them work things out--

the fact is that Israel is a problem--

as much as many middle eastern nations have become Islamic, and often in response to horrific treatment by the 'west'--

Israel is the only religious-based (from the beginning) nation, and the fact is that most of those who 'run' the country are not religious Jews--

I see the huge cancer that is killing America. I acknowledge it. I know that down there, hidden deep somewhere, almost strangled to lifelessness . . . is an inspired constitution--

but the fact is that the cancer has almost killed its host--

I see the same thing in Israel--

The world needs a spiritual revolution and Israel's 'brand' of prosperity is not the answer--

I will try not to say anything more; I know how I feel when I hear Ron Paul speak; he has had the courage to criticize the leaders and policymakers and citizens of his nation--

I feel much the same way when I hear those Jews and Israelis who nail Israel for its wrongdoings--

what is the difference?

The courage to speak up against evil is universally admired--

so I will admire it--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--