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Thank you for a thoughtful response

To say we have NO REAL ENEMIES is not true. All one has to do is look at American flags being burnt to see that we do have REAL enemies. Israel is not burning American flags.

Ron Paul has said:

So does Ron Paul believe that the UN is our friend? No. He believes that the UN is the friend of those who do not want freedom.

Ron Paul listed FIVE departments, not ALL departments, for closure: eliminate five cabinet-level agencies (Education, Interior, Commerce, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development)

Our enemies within, are those who want a UN global government, not a sovreign nation that respects the rights and powers of the people within their states. Israel fights to be a SOVREIGN nation FREE from UN entanglements, and this is why Ron Paul says "Israel is our friend".

AIPAC does NOT have tremendous power in the USA. The UN has tremendous power becuase the foreign policy makers in America work with the UN and blackmail Israel with brobes, blame Israel for their failure and resent Israel's resistance to their policies. Israel is determinded to stand for the freedom of it's people.

I am pro-Israel and believe it would be in our best interest to emulate Israel rather than appease the UN.

Suspicious minds are not born, they are made by design

Palestine is not a wart on Israel. Palestine is a huge wart on the UN that controls it.

You don't get "worked up over Sharia Law because you believe torture is humane? You believe homosexuals should die? You believe women have no rights? You believe that Muslims don't kill Muslims over Sharia Law? These are gaps? This is merely abuse? Suicide bombing is OK? I'm picking in Islam? If Christians were doing these things, If Buddists were blowing up Mosques, if Jews were blowing themselves up I not respect them. Why is it OK for Muslims to have 8 children and migrate to the USA but it's not OK for Catholic Mexicans?

Yes, Orthodox Jews, super rich Catholics, Kings and Queens.. anyone who believes that HEIRS are above the state laws has arranged marriages. Does that mean wee the people should too?

So you give Islam a free ride and then turn to tiny Israel and admit, that is the problem. It's not the global UN.. it's not Sharia Laws, it's not our foreign policy that does not respect sovreign nations.. it's the Jews who accepted the Brittish OCCUPIED land in Palestine, ratified by the Balfore Treaty, won war after war they did not start, but DEFENDED the land given to them by the League of Nations,, that is the problem?

You blame the West for Islams problems? Why not leave and join them? Why remain in America? If I thought America was THE problem, I would leave.. probably go to Dubai personally, but I know, being an American.. a westerner, I wouldn't last long. It took me all of four months to figure I was too western for Krishna.

I believe Islam is growing not in response to Western nations, but because Western Natoins FREEDOM allows them to grow.. they start very kind.. when they are the minority.. but as they gain power, they become brutal to their own people.

I see the dumbing down and escapism, the lack of getting involved to keep freedom, the paranoia, Americans take FREEDOM for granted, and unwilling to OWN UP and take responsibility for government, they don't get involved,, they think someone else is going to do it for them.

Israel is THRIVING. It's AMAZING and wonderful what Israel is doing. Israel is blooming a desert, advancing technology, agriculture, engineering, science, the arts..

There is a wall.. Inside that wall is Israel where people are FREE inside that wall, freedom of religion, FREEDOM to THINK, to grow to thrive.. and that same wall there is Palestine where the UN enslves the people to poverty. Why does Israel bloom while Palestine, MUCH LARGER.. why does tiny Israel THRIVE while Palestine has NO RIGHTS but Sharia Law that BRUTALLY controls it's people with torture?

Blaming is what those who do not understand what responsibilty of ownership is. Israel understands.. IT OWNS itse self as a SOVREIGN NATION.. Palestine is owned by the UN and Sharia Laws.

Israel is not the answer? Suicide bombing is? Tourture is? Why have you bought the UN lies?

The Jews who damn Israel are GLOBALISTS. So you admit you side with those who want a UN global government.

In America, you can speak up. In Israel you can speak up. In Palestine you can not. Where there is Sharia Law, you can not speak up. It is NOT universally admired. Ask Snowden.