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no, Sharia law is not the only--

problem. There are evil people in all religions; people are all worked up over some Bhuddist radicals right now; there have been wrongs committed by all religions--

I didn't state that Ron Paul approves of the U.N. *I* don't approve of the U.N.; I never have.

I don't know why Muslims are allowed to immigrate to the U.S.--

I can't afford to go to another country; if I could, I would, and I know where--

I am a fairly impoverished, working poor, highly educated (both of us are; 1988vote is a husband/wife team) American--

and life in America is not prosperous for us--

I am saddened by what has happened to America. Much of what I see around me I find repugnant, as repugnant as many see Islam.

I see Christians who approve of constant warring. I see the deaths of millions of unborn babies--

Yes, I would leave America, if I could--

but I probably wouldn't remain on this planet (no goofy stuff about mars or the moon, either)--

I'm almost done with my time on earth--

and I will go to a better place, I surely hope. :)

It's all right for you to be pro-Israel, Granger; you are not alone; I have many friends and family who are. I am not comfortable with that, but that doesn't mean I dislike my friends.

We all get to be what we are, even if we have to be quiet about it--

I don't dare speak up, except on DP, not anymore. I did for years, but I realize I am in a police state now--

I'm not worried about anyone burning an American flag. It's one of the proper ways to dispose of a worn flag--

I guess I just don't have the paradigm/perspective you do, and that's fine--

I believe in living and letting live--

No, I don't believe it's right to kill homosexuals, but I also don't believe what Israel has done to Palestinians is right--

two wrongs don't make a right--

evil is evil wherever it is--

The fact is, and this cannot be refuted--

both Mexicans and Muslims are growing in population--

White Americans and 'white' Jews are not--

Israel actually has a declining population, except for a few Orthodox, just as America does.

God will always bless those who welcome babies--

whether those with declining populations and material success approve of them or not--

I glory in one thing--

Jesus Christ--

He reigns, and He will reign.

He will decide what is to be done with the nations; I don't have enough information--

but I do believe what I believe--

and I have studied.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--