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What's the

big deal?

This is EXACTLY what I said to those who jumped all over Rand Paul for that comment.

Do you want Rand Paul elected or not? If so then you have to realize to have any chance of being seen as legitimate by the GOP he has to voice a pro Israel position.

Some of that is word play. Rand Paul has said REPEATEDLY he believes the President does NOT have power to go to war without a declaration from congress. So when Rand makes the comment an attack on Israel is treated as an attack on the U.S. what does he mean? Obviously Israel is NOT the U.S. so as president he CAN'T unilaterally retaliate. If the people through congress want a war over it, then that's constitutional, but that's different. Rand Paul could mean it's an attack on U.S. economic or diplomatic interests, for example. Yes, politics is often about word play. If you want to WIN you have to allow for that.