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It is simply false to claim

It is simply false to claim that a candidate must fib about his or her real feelings about Israel to win. George Bush Sr. took on the Israel lobby, and did not suffer for it, unless you assume that enough Jews in Florida would have voted for him and not Clinton had he not stood up to Israel on the settlements issue. But Florida went for Bush, so not sure if even that argument holds water. What we need is a politician who has the guts to unrelentingly stand up to the Israel lobby. The problem is that even Ron Paul was too timid on this issue. People sense nervousness in politicians and it makes them think the candidate, rather than the media, has the problem.

I so wish that Rand would bring up the "dancing Israelis" (who failed polygraph tests and had explosives in their vans) and the fact that workers for an Israeli front company were found with illegal passes to the lower levels of the WTC a week prior to 9/11. They were doing unauthorized "repairs" folks!