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One Cannot Re-Present Himself!

That is the whole problem!
Only corporate Fictions can go aboard the Admiral's Ship.
In other words if anyone sets foot beyond the ships rail (bar) he is automatically on the Admiral's Ship and is therefore considered an officer of the summoned ship, not a man with landed rights.
Yes, the courts of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, STATE OF IOWA are all for fictions only.
In other words, courts of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations.

No man can enter a court of fictions.

One simply does not belong there unless he is acting as a sailor or government employee.
The problem is the Social Security contract creates a War Supply Vessel and then they appoint the poor fool who got tricked into Granting this Trust into Being the Trustee!
They call the Trustee MR ANDERSON, MR is title of Nobility in The British Crown Corporation.
The man who acts the boneless chicken "part" knows all this.
He is a Sworn Esquire, Loyal to The Crown Corporation. An foreign enemy agent on American soil.
Veritas, you are out of your league playing mind games with this trickster.

The Oracle