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I'd recommend...using

I'd recommend...

using I like Apmex, Provident metals, and JM Bullion. Liberty is also good....though limited selection. Same with JM Bullion. Apmex will have the biggest selection.

Having bought a little of everything, I highly recommend the semi-numismatic coins...mostly ones that can be purchased for nearly the same as Silver American Eagles. I was buying the cougar/moose from the Canadian Wildlife series, Austrialian Koala's, Kookaburras, etc...for $3-$4 over spot last year. Many of these are now going for $30-$40...even after the beatdown in spot. The premium's are strong regardless of spot price. I recommend you watch this 5 part video series on semi-numismatics...

The semi-nu's are great for holding value. for a SHTF situation, you also want to have some 90% junk silver..preferably old dimes.

As far as silver maples/eagles...I don't even buy these any more. If i'm already paying $3-$4 over spot for them, why not buy some cool semi-numismatics for the same or a dollar or so more.

Here's a good deal over on Apmex ...

Looks like they are now sold out, but $3.99 over spot is a better buy than spending the same for a silver eagle.

These kooks with the dragon privy were selling for $4 over spot last year...

would you rather have bought 500 of those for $4 over spot in 2012 or 500 silver eagles for $3 over spot? :)

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