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1 thru 3 is exactly what the courts and the gov's do
they are the ones who twist ans distort the meanings of words
they are the ones who change what the law says,and reads.

step 4-5
are what the people have to do
they have to convince the already bought and paid for courts,gov's
and attorneys of what the law says,and r how it gets applied
and yes they usually lose,but why wouldn't they lose?
could it be for the fact it is by design(we are set up to fail)
in courts,courts that are supposed to be blind,other than to the truth
but pick and and choose which laws are used,and also which evidence
gets admitted as evidence
step 5 is after the fact,it is after everyone thinks they had a fair trial
that all the evidence has been weighed,and all parties heard and or cross examined
no one wins in the kangaroo courts,no one is supposed to win,and it is set up that way
as it is in direct conflict with the will of the people
ignorance of the law is no excuse !!
no kidding?!?! as they create laws each day,no one knows them all,except
for the turners (the twisters of facts)
if people started winning in their courts them judges would not be able to get their kick backs from all guilty pleas.Nor would they get their non taxed money from the jail/prison complexes (the illegal stash they get for sending people to jail/prison
guilty or not guilty??
there is no innocent plea !! why?
could it be for the fact,that all are guilty,but just not caught yet?
or we are all guilty,but we do not know it yet?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence