Comment: totally missed my point

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totally missed my point

The reason you need 2 million is because the price of everything is artificially inflated because of taxation and protectionism.


You never answered my question, why is it more expensive to have things that are easier to make than it was before? Why do you think it only took one person ins family to work to support a large family and now it takes two working parents to support a small one? There is so much more wealth in the world now, it makes no sense. The reason is state granted monopolies, and administrative overhead, as well as a corrupt political system, and military industrial complex. All funded by what? Say it with me now, US TAX PAYERS!!!

Not only would that 30 years cost less, but it would be easier to save because we wouldn't have to spend so much to survive. Think about what JUST the federal government costs. 3trillion right? Then you have your state government sales tax, local property tax, subsidized energy(read: tax), subsidized food(read: tax), subsidized medicine(read: tax), subsidized retirement savings account(read: tax) and then all these people who are supposed to administer these things. The vast majority of our tax dollars goes towards funding these bureaucracies, there pensions, and lofty benefits.

You said it yourself, the big corporations dont pay those taxes, who the hell do you think does.

The truth is SAFETY NETS ARE HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!! They are a ponzi scheme designed to make you fell better about them taking your money. They cause the price of everything to go up which makes their cost go up with then causes a spiral effect of explosion. It makes life more difficult for everybody, except for those with government jobs, pensions with cost of living adjustment, and free health care(read: tax on somebody else). That and those who are best leveraged to use to government to do the only thing its actually good at. Introduce violence.