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Thank you 1988vote

I believe your DP name is: 1988vote, because you voted for Ron Paul in 1988. I was a Libertarian at that time.. had been since 1976, and I protested Ron Paul's nomination. It burned me that MY Party would nominate a Republican (seems to be the norm anymore).

I never thought I would be a Republican. I never thought I would be for Israel. I was raised by Atheists who had NO respect for any religion, so I rebelled and joined many religions. I never thought I would be a Roman Catholic. Now they are wondering, is Granger converting to be a Jew? I like the Messianic Jews and I have been visiting them where I live

My life is very rich and I am most blessed and grateful to God.

I am facinated by Israel, and feel that I am being called.. I don't know why God is showing me so many wonderful things, but my heart is filled with joy and hope, and I am happy.

I am planning on going to Israel. I hope to stay there for a long time. I want to tour with a Franciscan Preist/Nun, Muslim, Secular Jew, and do a food your. I don't think I will be allowed into Palestine, but I would like to see it. I want to stay in a Kibutz, and go to all the mountains, and the zoo, swim in the meditrannian, snorkle in the Red Seae, collect salt from the dead sea, be baptized in the Jordan River.. walk the path Jesus walked, and the orchards to pick olives. I want to work on an archiogical dig (or more), volunteer for the IDF/ civilian support, build a home for a Palestinian, and I want to provide a scholoarship for a Palestinian to come to America and attend a university here.

I don't hate anyone. I LOVE people; I LOVE life; and I ADORE GOD.

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful posts. May God bless you and yours abundantly and constantly. Peace be with you.