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Comment: Okay I figured it out! Choose the first drop-down option

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Okay I figured it out! Choose the first drop-down option

The first option was "General New Comments about San Diego 6 News". I had chosen the second option, "Give us your feedback."

When I resubmitted choosing the first option (with "Why isn't this working?"), it went through.

So then I tried the above wall of text, and it went through too (so it wasn't e.g. an SQL sanitization issue).

So: if you're going to submit feedback to them, choose the first option from the drop-down.

I also gave them this feedback as well, that their intake form is broken:

"Can't submit feedback from the second option, "Give us your feedback." -- it gives the error "The email list provided by the Form is incorrectly formmated, please enter on the Form properties a valid email addresses separated by a comma."

I was then able to submit my feedback using the first option, "General New Comments about San Diego 6 News", which I did (I also submitted one prior to that, "Why isn't this working?", and it did work when I chose that drop-down option).

This feedback is to let you know that something is broken in your web intake form, and thus you might not be hearing from as many of your users as are attempting to notify you (because I took the extra effort to debug it).

I hope this helps,

I also then submitted a link back to here:

"I just gave some feedback, I forgot to mention that I saw your article at the Daily Paul, a source of excellent news and information, please pass this along to the two journalists from the Michael Hastings piece:

Please share with your journalistic staff: the Daily Paul has excellent news, and is a source for Ben Swann who just went independent (from Fox 19 in Cincinnati). You would be more profitable if you source some news from there and share with the people the reality of the situation.


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