Comment: Why aren't more supporting this project?

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Why aren't more supporting this project?

Gosh, for a group of people who clamor vigorously for unbiased media on subjects the MSM won't touch (Federal Reserve, non-interventionist foreign policy, etc.) I'm surprised and disappointed to see that so far with only a short time left before the project deadline that only a few thousand people have pledged to support this project. How many Ron Paul supporters are there? How many people visit this site? Isn't this the EXACT sort of project that we DPers have been begging for for years?

It's time to put our money where our mouths are. Isn't that what capitalism is about? C'mon guys, time to pony up. Spread the word, do your part, or quit complaining. Ben was about the only journalist who gave Dr. Paul a fair shake during the primary and election. Time to show the world that #LibertyIsRising, now go pledge!