Comment: Well, here's some 18+ month old

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Well, here's some 18+ month old

Well, here's some 18+ month old introductory bragging about their "ultra security":

In all honesty, I haven't paid attention to this platform because I never found it really innovative to begin with - even in their most excited whitepapers or articles (from my PoV, the essential true software innovation in systems or languages have virtually stopped at least two decades ago; all we have today is only warmed up, with only hardware staying quite innovative, for better or worse).

If I had time to get more curious, I'd look for anything enabling privileges elevation, in any layer, apps, or daemons, or drivers, etc, and most likely the least documented.

I wouldn't be surprised thorough code readers and maintainers find some, eventually, yes.

But of course, from the beginning, it's been presented "to protect" the user's data.

Have a good reading/"fun".

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