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Well Microsoft like any other big vendor are not complete morons

Well, Microsoft like any other big vendor, are not complete morons (or so I naively believe maybe) and do genuinely spend a lot of money to try objectively improve the quality of their products, before the critics.

But history tells us the bigger a giant gets, the more inevitably lousier and lousier their ROI gets... My belief is bureaucratic tendencies are almost impossible to avoid, past some scale, along with the loss of innovation potential, it's just a question of time I think. Call it the 1960s vs. the 80s/90s IBM syndrome, if you wish.

And now their cronyism / conniving with big state isn't going to improve the situation. Such a shame (I mean, not just them, but the others you know, too)

Aka... "WTF?!"

So-called businessmen and engineers should read more on History, AS WELL - once in a while, if one asks me.

But anyway, Pistelli's works is one of the few good resources I used to watch regularly re: Microsoft's progress and the actual status of their claims about it.. (from the reverse engineering standpoint ;) :

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