Comment: This reminds me of a reality show

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This reminds me of a reality show

where the half-naked contestants run obstacle courses through the woods, then sit around in something like a first grade reading circle and in dramatic fashion vote somebody's bum off the series.

Granger, be open-minded, but unless someone convinces you their perspective is closer to the truth, stand tall with what you believe, and don't let some down votes rattle you.

Keep your eye on the ball: the Daily Paul is one of the most effective tools of communication the Liberty grass roots activists have. Even though I go weeks without the time to post, I maintain my Pro status if for no other reason than it helps Michael keep the lights on in this important work.

Let's also acknowledge how respectful disagreements and deliberations help all of us to stay sharp and to maintain focus. Just because someone doesn't agree with you on some point doesn't mean they are unappreciative of your input.

I voted you up. You get to return next episode to scale a mound of glass shards before swimming through the alligator pit. Good luck.