Comment: Apricot & Peach seeds contain a bitter almond like kernel.

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Apricot & Peach seeds contain a bitter almond like kernel. 2 minute film.
Vitamin B17 is present in many fruits & vegetables. The kernel (center) of apricot & peach seeds, millet & sorghum as I recall. High concentration present in the center of apricot & peach seeds. Use a nut cracker or a hammer to extract the kernel (which is the shape of a shelled almond.

Vitamin B17 supports healing, including cancerous tissue. Cancer may be defined as a body's attempt to heal. Massive amounts of oxygen rich blood is sent to cancerous tissue. Vitamins & minerals work in conjunction to heal. E.g.: B17, D3...

Labeling & advising restrictions abound on what may be called a cure for anything.

What are bitter almonds? Are they the same as regular almonds? The bitter almond is a cousin to the sweet almond and contains traces of lethal prussic acid in its raw state. Although the toxicity is destroyed by heat, the sale of unrefined bitter almonds is prohibited in the United States. Fifty unprocessed bitter almonds can be lethal to a human. Yet, bitter almonds are successfully processed to make almond extract and almond-flavored liqueurs.

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