Comment: Lots of truth there, Robert.

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Lots of truth there, Robert.

I have been struggling as well. I wake up all night only to remember that I am living in a nightmare.
As the gates of freedom are being slammed shut, despite 10 years plus of foreknowledge, there is a big lump in my throat at all times. I am scared. I do not want to live in this NWO, one in which I have spent years refining my vision of via the the absorption of the hardcore truth. That vision looks a lot like Orwell's 1984 but with more blood, guts, and starvation. I can see, hear, and feel it now, coming into view, and it makes me want to ball my eyes out. Before, it felt like there was time. But as time goes on and the Fabian pace keeps accelerating, each and every piece of news confirms to me that my prescient view of the future, is here. Being right completely sucks.

I do wish we had a physical libertarian community so we would not, in our minds nor in the minds of the masses, feel like their unconsciousness is some collective burden on those of us that has already smelled the putrid smell of the dead roses.

Hang in there. Sorry I have nothing positive to add.