Comment: A Very Old Whine

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A Very Old Whine

Every profession has it's share of bad actors. What is it about cops that causes such angst?

I don't hear the angry hate filled outcry when doctors scam medicare. Or when priests fondle little boys. Where was the outcry when bankers stole a couple trillion from us?

What about a President disappearing when Americans were being killed in Benghazi?

Instead I've been listening to the hate filled rants of thousands of people my entire life- every time one solitary cop somewhere does something bad. And the odd thing is that in almost every case- the haters have been busted by cops. Victimized might be more accurate. I can't even remember the last time one of the cop haters anywhere actually said they broke the law and took responsibility for their actions.

It's so predictable it's embarrassing. I read it all down the comment thread.

Here's the deal. We have laws that govern misconduct. They apply to you and to cops. Our system is designed to find the truth. Does it work? Mostly- when it is applied. They call our system of justice the best of the worst.

In Norway one guy, and not a cop, killed 77 children. Breivik will only serve 21 years. Do you want that system of justice? Or do you want Mexico's system of justice where you can sit in jail for months without ever being arraigned?

Hating cops is not unique nor is it new. I've been listening to it my entire life- while the sheeple get sheared by every other profession- and oddly seem not to care too much. I have often wondered what it is about cops that causes such a unique hatred. Personally I don't think the problem is cops. It's a culture that simply can't obey it's own rules.