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Comment: Your logic makes no logic

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Your logic makes no logic

No public outcry over priests fondling boys? Are you serious?
No public outcry over malpractice? Seriously are you on drugs... malpractice insurance is a huge cost to doctors, favors the victim and still people are mad as hell about it.
No public outcry over bankers? Yep your on drugs... people go ballistic over it, but like the cops they are untouchable and often are hard to pinpoint who the guilty are! When they do (think madoff) people go nuts...

Also please note that though our SYSTEM of law enforcement is sound, its current enactment and its participants are very much flawed. The motto used to be "To Protect and Serve" and is now "An Accredited Agency". What I take that to mean is that they no longer serve the interests of the public, they take care of themselves. Moreover most cops these days are no more than servants of a system that needs money and they are what makes the money. Tickets are profitable, saving lives is not. Lastly, though there are virtuous policemen and women out there, they are overshadowed by the overreaching arms of their employers. Forced to do illegal search and seizures as in NYPD, are instructed/forced to make a profit (quotas), and in no way help people any more (just look at detroit).

Oh, yea and one more thing... we pay their salaries with hefty taxes, they of all people should be scrutinized by the public they serve. No one is denying the need for police, no one is arguing that cops are always wrong... law enforcement is an important and difficult task, but seriously, your logic is flawed and your not seeing the bigger picture here. There is massive corruption taking place and an outcry is warranted. Try being a black man in a poor NYC neighborhood being stopped and frisked daily... All I can say is I am glad I'm white and privileged.