Comment: I think we have only agreed once

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I think we have only agreed once

I think we have only agreed once, and have had quite a spat just last week. That spat culminated in you down voting what I thought was a great, well thought out, witty response to you accusing me of being the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Frankly, you should not have down voted me. I took the time to google quotes from the movie, used those quotes in a response and made quite a funny post of it. Clearly you did not think so.

My point. SO WHAT. I got over it - quickly I might add. Hell, I was accused of being a government agent last week as well(hmm, now that I think of it - last week was a bad week here). Not being a government agent - I got over it - quite quickly again.
I was actually upset that post was taken down - I enjoy the sparring some times - it is good practice.

If it is, as some suggest, just a ploy to change the voting structure - then go - for I have no time for such games and insincerity.

However, if you really are upset over down votes and are sincere,then I sincerely feel bad for you and sincerely suggest talking to someone. Clearly you are in a bad place. The post itself cries for attention. You have been down voted for many years, why now, what has changed. Yes, the DP has changed - I have never been part of a post that was completely removed - maybe the content was over the top and more posters are over the top or maybe there is a conscious effort to move the site - but that is neither here nor there. I veteran such as yourself would not be so affected.

I do not claim to be your friend, but if I was, I would suggest things outside of here may be weighing on you and it would be wise to put forth effort into righting them and finding some peace- no matter the real intent behind the post. For both intents are clouded with darkness, and neither show a healthy state of mind.

I refused to vote the thread either way.