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Thoughts on the drug war

Your statements seem to imply that you do not fully understand the argument against the so-called 'war on drugs'. Many of us who oppose such a drug war do not do so in order that we may smoke weed at our leisure or freebase cocaine at will. There are moral, practical, and constitutional arguments for ending the obviously failed and criminal war on drugs. Wildly grouping all "dope-smokers" and judging them as largely irrelevant discredits any argument you may have against Kokesh's actions.

Furthermore, we may not agree with how an activist goes about proving a point; however, we do not have the justification to sit back at our computers and loudly criticize them for their actions. [You may have the right but not the justification.] Additionally, this only serves to create dissent within the movement and is both unnecessary and ill-advised. If you would like something done differently or feel that your plan is the only proper way, then get out there and do something. Other people's actions should not affect your stance one way or another.