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I think you are the one who

I think you are the one who needs to look up Utopian, because anarchism fits the definition better than anything else I can possibly imagine. It's 100% impossible to achieve, yet sounds fantastic on paper. It fits the word Utopian far better than communism (which honestly never even sounded good on paper to me) or anything else I've ever heard of. I can't imagine you understanding what Utopian meant, and still thinking that anarchy isn't Utopian, or at least understanding why those who view it as completely impossible correctly define it as Utopian.

But that's beside the point here, really. What I said was that it's not hard to see why people VIEW you as Utopian. And you've just gone on a rant completely unrelated to my point, thereby supporting it. You're still trying to prove that anarchy is "good" which was never part of the discussion as far as I'm concerned.

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