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This is not the way we need to be represented

We must win a perception war just to have people open their minds to the idea of Liberty and all the talk of the "good ole way" and "pappy's way" hurts us. As Rand said we must be an all encompassing party.

Doesn't mean we back down on our beliefs or convictions but we have to pull away from the white southern banner, even though it doesn't represent us, sheeple think it does. What people believe is their reality. We have to unhitch ourselves for the "teabagger" hashtag.

It's why the Alex Jones, Adam Kokehs, and The Southern Avengeres (CONFEDERACY ASSEMBLE!) hurt us far more than most of us want to admit. For us to win we have to reach Ma and Pa Kent and they see Alex foaming at the mouth like a mad dog, Adam smoking a dub, and the Southern Avenger (how you even think that is a good moniker to call yourself is beyond me) rolling in the antebellum south and we get shut off instantly. Not even a chance to open a conversation on Liberty now or in the near future. Is that winning?

The Alex/Adam's of the world tickle the base and make us feel good but in reality they hurt the movement. Dr. Paul understood this, even though he supports ending the War on Drugs he is not on capital hill rolling a phatty with Snoop Dog.