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The most surprising thing

The most surprising thing about the "hit piece" on Jack was his acknowledgement that sometimes he says extreme things to get attention. You can't do that and then on the other hand criticize those that do it.

The problem I have with Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, etc. is that they so often tend to live in their own little bubble. They very frequently only parrot the arguments of their side, and they never properly address the arguments of the others. Most frequently, they debate other opinions in absentium and then flanderize those views. Woods can be a little forgiven for this, but the rest are so-called "truth-seekers" and journalists, they should do research. This happens sometimes to the ridiculous extreme where Kokesh or Jones simply make shit up, or a little less harmlessly when Hunter and Woods just ignore the facts that they don't like. Hunter in particular considers himself a Constitutional expert, yet frequently he forgets that there are parts other than the 10th amendment. Woods is very guilty of hiding facts to fit his view. For example, he talks frequently about how there was much more economic growth in the 19th century compared to the 20th, using the value of the dollar as his metric. While at the same time, forgetting every other metric like wages, purchasing power, life expectancy, quality of life, etc. He praises Singapore and Hong Kong as places of libertarianism and limited government, even though the only limited thing about them is a low flat-rate tax (which often turns out to be effectively very high).

Ron/Rand are also often guilty of the above. Probably the worst transgression was when both of their published budget proposals had significant mathematical errors in them. That kind of thing just makes me tune out. If you want to be President of this country, yet can't make the simple effort to put out a mathematically correct model, your credibility plummets. Then when economists dismiss it, Ron/Rand say "look at these elitists childishly dismissing my points! They are AFRAID!" No, they are holding you to the same standard they hold anyone else. Like submitting a resume with a formatting error.

I contrast this with someone like Judge Napolitano who is very open to looking at and arguing with the points that other "sides" make, and is willing to acknowledge that some of these issues are a matter of "I think my way is right", not "I know my way is right". That element of doubt/humility is important.

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