Comment: Perfluorocarbons

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"Perfluorocarbons" is a very vague description. "This gas is used to inflate baby's lungs" - yeah, ok, also they are used to make less fuzzy sounding things like Teflon, Scotchgard, Gore-Tex, fire-retardants, anesthetics, paint additives, etc. Without knowing the exact chemicals they used, its hard to know if it was really "safe" or not. PFCs also bioaccumulate, so people who take them into their bodies walk around with them for a long time. Usually, chemicals that do this don't make you smarter, more fertile, or extend your life.

The company 3M has been dealing with lawsuits and cleanup over PFC contamination for a while:

I assume most people here know to run far away when they hear about an upcoming terror "drill", though.