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being a chicken

you drive around on roads that were given to the states
given by our grand parents,with the implied intent that them roads were to be freely traveled,unfettered,unhindered,and unbothered by the respective states
they are public roads (PUBLIC) who or what is the public?...oh yeah !!! it is you and me DUH !! you sold your right for the privilege of driving on your own roads,and now you want everyone else to bow and bend,just as you did
so get condescending all you like,you know nothing,and you want everyone here to know nothing
you are bought and paid for,you are a slave and you are a tool(not a very good tool) though
you and I both have rights by virtue of birth here in america,but you sold your rights to be free,just as you want others to do
read this
case after case after case sited here of the rights to travel,and you mock
them laws by not even knowing any of them (and you call yourself a lawyer)

you might want to get your other lawyer buddies here to down vote this post,it makes too much sense not to
you posted i was using ad hom attacks,you are a liar,you are the one projecting your own brand of chicken crap onto this site
you attacked me out of spite,and out of the fact YOU CANNOT REFUTE ONE THING I POSTED) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
have a nice day

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