Comment: Politicians campaigning are not "anyones"s

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Politicians campaigning are not "anyones"s

You can say it's hi-jacked, but let's see you edit wiki and how far you get.

As far as I'm concerned, when you build on sand, like building a party that has for decades been infiltraited, re-defined, taken by the left and the right.. you are not building a party that will get anywhere politically in winning elections.

Maybe this is why what you are participating in what is called a, "Liberty Movement".

Where me.. I joined a rEVOLution and that rEVOLution was designed to take the GOP, and that is what we are doing.

You are debating terms.. while we are debating issues and redefining the terms, by-laws, and political landscape.

To be very honest, it is the most exciting political happening in my life. And I hope that with it, we will avoid an Arab Sping, or Coupe, or civil war.. while there are many in your party that will take any of them. Anything to destroy America, land that they HATE.