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Ok moron

"Then you get your ass handed to you unceremoniously. Always." -- boneless chicken supreme

"Make sure to keep any "ass handed to you" comments in the proper perspective in future comments as you continue to try to make it personal." -- His American majesty

Your post above clearly demonstrates you can't read. The only one making threats is you by threatening people will get their ass handed to them unceremoniously. In addition to threats it would appear I have a claim for defamation of character. Can you prove the citations from legal dictionaries above are untrue to justify your libel?

My comment indicated I do not care about your opinion about people getting their asses handed to them because if I get my ass handed to me in some court of thievery it is because I chose to. It had nothing to do with you disputing anything. Do you think I care what your opinion is? I do not post for you. I post for the casual observer who is attempting to use their own reason and discernment not some stupid troll. Clearly any 10 year old who reads my posts which cite exactly from legal dictionaries and your posts which are gibberish will form an opinion. Regulars on this site already know your a clown.

Refer back two posts.