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Anarchy has built in problems beginning with defining what it is, political or meaning NON political.

Liberty is a value, so it can be used in many ways.

When applying liberty to anarchy, it will mean something different to depending on what kind of anarchy one is talking about.

The "danger" is that two people can talk about anarchy and liberty and believe they are talking about the same thing to only find out that they had completely different ideas or philosophies.

It would be good if people began asking for definitions.. What kind of anarchist? What kind of Libertarian.

We take too much for granted and in wanting to find common ground, many times the deceivers among us.. are the best speakers, but their actions or results are not what we thought they would be.

There is also this idea that anarchy and libery are great and good because people don't need "walls" to lomit them. But experiences teaches us that walls are good, margins are good.. small government is better than big civil wars.