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i understand the argument against the war on drugs as i'm against the drug war myself for reasons OTHER than doing drugs ! HOWEVER that doesn't mean i have to agree with drug 'use' to be against the war on drugs. How you can sit here and deny that Adam having mushrooms in his home when the authorities showed up at his house did not and will not neutralize his quest for a second amendment debate or doesn't help to put my second amendment rights in jeopardy is beside me and nothing you can say will convince me that it didn't. Adam Kokesh could have drawn a LOT of national attention to the second amendment debate by doing what he did IF he hadn't gotten busted with hallucinogenic mushrooms.
I'm 'wildly grouping all dope smokers because i'm trying to explain to you that that is how society views dope smokers and drug users which is why Adam will be viewed as such.
'Furthermore' I have just as much if not MUCH more justification for loudly criticizing Adam for his actions because it could have a adverse effect on my second amendment rights which i value very much. In fact i have MORE justification in my criticism of Adam than you do sitting behind your computer in your mothers basement criticizing me for my actions in what amounts to a simple website that really has no effect at all on ones Constitutional rights which is NOT the case with Clowns like Adam Kokesh.
I practice my second amendment rights on a daily basis and i do not need to provoke the authorities to do so and I don't need a special event to do so and i damn sure do NOT need Adam Kokesh to tell me how to do it and where to do it when i am perfectly able do it all by myself, no weed, no DMT , No Adam Kokesh , No arrest and no magic mushrooms required. You people should try it that way sometime...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams