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Actually I did use a

Actually I did use a dictionary. I looked up several versions of the definition. That one never came up.

That said, your system either believes in the ultimate perfectibility of man, or is simply defeatist in accepting the complete and total tyranny of the physically strong over the weak. If it is the latter, then I guess you're right, that's not Utopian, it's closer to 1984.

None of this matters though. It's language. When you argue with someone over what THEY mean, you defeat the purpose of language. You make it impossible to communicate, because you nitpick their statements and change them to mean something they clearly did not.

It's language. It simply doesn't matter. You, like every other self-proclaimed anarchist I've ever spoken with, continue to argue about side issues, while completely and utterly ignoring the core point that what you want is literally impossible.