Comment: Lincoln might have said it,

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Lincoln might have said it,

Lincoln might have said it, but it doesn't mean he meant it.

Aside from that, it is clear that there was a significant portion of the Republican party that was unwaveringly anti-slavery. Though that alone wasn't enough, of course.

Look, it is clear from history, that slavery was becoming a dividing issue. I don't see how Ron Paul's solution to the problem would have solved anything (the government buys the slaves from the slave-owners); he'd still need their consent.

In other countries, slavery ended because you either had a strong government whose word was law, or, slavery was so limited that there was little backlash when it was outlawed.

In any case, what I take from the Civil War is that while it is wrong to say that the North "primarily" fought to "abolish slavery on moral grounds", it is very correct to say that the South "primarily" fought to "keep slavery".

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