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Comment: My recent stories....

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My recent stories....

A few weeks ago my neocon party loyalist dad stopped for a visit. He's the guy who couldn't support Ron Paul because of his foreign policy.

I had a copy of RP's farewell speech on a table. Dad started reading in the evening, and was reading until after I went to bed. In the morning he got up and started reading it again. He asked where I got it. I said a guy at work gave it to me, but I'm going to get more, so he could have it if he wanted.

A half hour later I noticed him sneaking it into his bag before he left.

I have participated for years on the political forum for a country living site. Many against Ron Paul, including one nasty neocon individual who would accuse me of spamming anytime I mentioned Ron Paul's name. Just recently I noticed him saying we should stop meddling overseas. I had to let him know I was happy that people were finally accepting Ron Paul's advice.

I'm sure that ruined his day.