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again,you failed

and wrong,
you and your kind offer bondage,slavery,theft,deceit,and all from and for
administrative judges,lawyers,attorneys are wanna be judges,these get paid no matter if they win,so why would any of them care? they get paid regardless
you have not proven a thing,other than the courts are corrupt,change and switch meanings of words,and laws,and get paid
what you offer is paupers (debtors prison) for all concerned,when the fact remains
no judge can ever hear a criminal case
judges rule out of fear and our own ignorance,ignorance of who we are,and ignorance of we answer to (IT IS NOT MAN)
but you are so afraid,you cannot even answer one question,afraid you will be out of a job,and fearful of having to get a real job
all courts,cities,states are corporations,this is commerce,,judges rule
by color of law(laws that are not,but look like it)
all courts and their hired dolts are all paid whether and regardless of one being right(oops,there is no innocent plea)it is either guilty or not guilty
you being a professed lawyer should know this already,right?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence