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No. It would be an act of

No. It would be an act of stupidity that would enrage billions of people around the world, and not just Muslims.

No trial, no jury, just a bullet? Is that the American way?

Whatever happened to the rule of law? Lady Justice is kidding.

Just shoot them in the head and get it over with, right?

Isn't that what they did in Stalin's Soviet Union? Isn't that what Mao did to the nationalists in China? Sounds like Pol Pot's killing fields in Cambodia to me.

And why does the USG hide behind Cuba's walls at Gitmo? Why not put the prisoners on trial, find them guilty or innocent in a court of law, close that God forsaken place and save taxpayers many millions of dollars a year? What the hell is the point of keeping them there?

If they're Al-Qaeda, why not send them back home to fight for who our government is now funding and supporting?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.