Comment: "Libertarian" Glen Beck say's what?

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"Libertarian" Glen Beck say's what?

Just listened to the first ten minutes of the Tuesday 9th broadcast (link below). That was enough for me!

Beck's first comment about shooting the ACCUSED "Terrorist" SUSPECTS starts at 5:45.

I didn't listen beyond that due to an unexpected and inexplicable attack of nausea.

Personally, I keep on clinging to the old fashioned concept of a fair trial, where an accusation must be PROVEN beyond any reasonable doubt before one could even consider retribution.

If the accused are purposely held outside of the judicial process, then proclaimed guilty by the systems put in place by the very people who have accused them...

Then, any evidence against the accused is withheld (because it may somehow place those who control the systems in danger), how can anyone in their right mind be convinced - beyond a reasonable doubt - of their guilt?

Sorry, but I just don't get it.