Comment: distractions !!!

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distractions !!!

again,you cannot read,nor do you comprehend,
I said I found you and you alone
you aren't a lawyer,not by a long shot,at least they can read and comprehend
you on the other hand can do neither
gee willikers,could this be why you cannot understand plain english?
did you comment back yet about your drivers license? did you understand it?
or haven't you been able to read it yet?
but you could,with your vast superior intellect just shut me up,once and for all
but why haven't you yet?? hmmmmmm? tis a funny question,isn't it?
you claiming to be all lawyerie and all,and haven't debunked one thing,not on this post,and certainly not on the other 2 you frequented.
All anyone,err everyone got from you is double talk,nonsense, jibberish
and bunk
and yet you are here all day,with nothing to do,and can't even grasp common
shall i go on?
i can,and will if you want me to

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence