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must be nice, not accepting

must be nice, not accepting medicaid or medicare and all... unlike every other hospital in the country... this is basically for rich folks able to pay or having solid insurance.

Dont expect to see this level of consumer choice offered in poor under-served neighborhoods where people still cant afford insurance or self pay at all and are reliant on government healthcare coverage and use services infrequently but at a higher intensity or visit emergency rooms instead.

comparing outpatient surgery centers to hospitals in terms of cost is asinine. outpatient surgery centers dont have to cover losses on emergency care or OB deliveries and prenatal care as most hospitals do.

would be better reporting if theyd compare only with other elective outpatient surgery centers in the area who also dont accept the 2 largest insurers in the country (medicare/medicaid). lol comparing cost between a small boutique surgery center and a huge academic research medical center is laughable.

i do agree that it is a revolutionary concept and is awesome at the ASC level but a little more complex to pull off at the hospital level. definitely doable and exciting to see price bidding at the ASC level though.