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Oh, I wasn't trying to make

Oh, I wasn't trying to make the case for Linux vs. MS at all. Matter of fact, MS products have fed me for most of my career to date, since that's where I specialized.

And Pistelli's stuff is certainly outdated, I stopped reading him in 2008, as I became less and less often close to the OS for my tasks.

Finally, I first heard of their plans for the changes in the VMM even before Vista was in betas.

Granted, I'm certainly ungrateful. But hey, I'm not married with them ;)

I was only making the point I don't buy in the idea there's any "safe" OS for the grand public, simply because "safe" still hasn't received any serious definition for this type of user population. Or I missed it.

The "safe" OSes may exist to some limited extent, to be specified, but if there are any out there, I would bet it's for military applications (likely with very, very few human users with root privileges in the strict sense - including the user's education of what that implies) and nothing else.

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