Comment: What does this have to do with Israel?

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What does this have to do with Israel?

Over 4 minutes into this drama and no Israel yet...

Beautiful tape of the Chinese troops...

Kudlow report claimed it is an IN YOUR FACE to Obama.

Chinese missles and tanks.. really percison drills by the Chinese

It appears to be a grand military parade in China from 2011

Hey,, drones. wow

over 5 minutes of Chinese parade.. still no Israel

Gee, look what China is doing with USA consumer FRNs..

Now we are seeing Chinese weapons demonstrations.. must be military appreciation parade and show day a few years back

11 minutes into this no Israel

13 minutes Chinese are blowing up their own jets..

then they blow up a rocket lancher. and then it went boom

OH WOW a nuclerar bomb!!! Real old footage there.

And in the end, we have China destroying the stature of liberty.

So where ws the Israel part?

Bob, you don't know much about Israel's foreign relations.. you apparently don't know Istrael is helping Assad's military with medical help and food...

But you did make clear.. you hate Israel.