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not to mention

he also cited to, a white supremacist forum.

So there you have it, folks, Deacon views David Icke and as two reliable and authoritative sources of information! Can you say "loser"? Good....

Just for kicks, I did click. Here's what he linked to. On David Icke, there is a forum post by a guy who has a picture of Charles Manson, looking crazy as ever, as his avatar. That anonymous kook is Deacon's scholarly source. Obscuring part of the post is a paid ad for a probably questionable medical remedy which says "Is this candida fungus loose in your bloodstream?" and which has an image of the "alien" that burst out of the guy's stomach in that Alien horor movie on the spaceship. I'm not kidding.

Now you can call me a skeptic, but I really doubt that the candida fungus has little sharp fangs.

The link to stormfront, which I only glanced at briefly so that no one at the NSA would think I am actually reading their site, links to a forum post with an embedded youtube video. There is a picture of some tubby dork who closely resembles Jabba the Hutt and apparently it has something to do with this "birth certificate" theory that of course, is just as bunk as the strawman / sovereign nonsense here.

But, that's the intellect of the David Icke/ stormfront user for you. They know their target market:foolish, stupid, and nonthinking. People who know nothing, pretending to know everything. The more outlandish and ridiculous, the better, for their audiences.

I'm feeling dirty for even have an online conversation with Deacon. I'll have to stop that.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein