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conservative republicans?

You have one example of a conservative Republican.. and that's Reagan saying to, "tear the wall down", which is what resulted from the conservative repoublicans freeing the refusnics in Russia. (Kissinger a Neo, told Nixon, a conservative to.. "Let the Israelis bleed, Nixon did not, so Kissinger set up Nixon and made him bleed instead).

Some here make the claim that Neocons are zionists.. but even Ron Paul disagrees with that. Neocons are NEO for a UN NWO..

The conservative Republicans are the ones who felt entanglements with countries was ok,, but entanglements with the UN.. that was not OK.

Ron Paul said that Israel is our friend, and that is true IF YOU SEEK TO BE A SOVREIGN NATION and not a UN cog. The UN attacks Israel, enslaves palestine, and is entangled .. now sending NATO to Syria.

If you read the article below. you will see that snowjob is much ado about something that a SOVREIGN NATION could settle very quickly, but since Obama is all about a NWO.. he's "entangling" the world.. and why?

Things like this don't happen they way they happen by accident. Obama isn't stupid, he has an agenda, and snowjob is working it beautifully.

I'm not worried about downvotes ((((AN)))) If you don't agree give me a downvote.. some here find it's a form of collective/democratic censorship they appreciate ((((MN)))). I'm a capitalist, a zionist, a Republican.. and expect liberal collectives to know not what they do, but do it anyways. You know.. so say I gave you a downvote. I won't think any less of you and continue to respect you for being an upright guy.