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robert timsah----apparently you haven't seen

the photos of the CRAFT INTERNATIONAL guy with the black backpack on with the identifiable white patch on the top that matched the black backpack that exploded with a white patch on top, not to mention the fact that we have a PHOTO of this same CRAFT INTERNATIONAL guy running from the "scene" after the bomb exploded WITHOUT HIS BACKPACK ON----

Yet, the MEDIA was 100% mum on that little missed fact, along with the fact that DZHOKHAR's backpack was gray & didn't even match the exploded one, and according to the video clip above the FBI found the backpack, HIS backpack in his dorm room. I don't know how those girls know that, but I'd like them to post how they know it.

How do you explain the fact that his brother Tamerlan was videoed in the nude being arrested by a lot of police and videoed being placed inside the back seat of a squad car, yet later we see him shot dead, riddled with massive numbers of bullets & knived on his side? Are you kidding me?

DZHOKHAR should NEVER have been indicted. This was "government" operation through and through, and these two were INNOCENT.

DZHOKHAR needs a GREAT ATTORNEY----isn't there ANYONE IN OUR FRIGGIN' COUNTRY that would defend this boy? What a bunch of cowards we have here! We need a FAMOUS ATTORNEY---someone like GERRY SPENCE. He's old, but that's fine! The older the better, and the smarter!