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Not Exactly

There is a more discreet market for the Birth Certificate securities. They are mainly trading between big institutional investors like Banks.
If you can get your Application for Live Birth back look on the back at the Stamps. They are mostly large banks.
All securities are based on pledges of future human labor. This is nothing new.
The Birth Certificate creates a trust, a mini corporation. They do an IPO for the newly incorporated entity by issuing a Birth Note to fund the "child's" "education" and health care until it will be able to work and make a return to investors.
Then if the Birth Trust acts as Grantor and creates another subtrust/subcorp (Social Security SS-5Application) that sub trust will be funded by charging 750,000.00 to the Birth Trust. This 750,000.00 is invested for Congress's new ward of the State to provide future benefits for their ward.

It's just business, Plantation business, so what?

The Oracle