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Comment: Israel is at war with the USA

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Israel is at war with the USA

Israel is at war with the USA, has been since the USS Liberty attack. Israel's involvement in the 9/11 attack on WTC is clear. The USA is Israel's bitch. Israel was set up for this purpose, to bring down the USA, and Israel was always expected to be disposable in the end after one world government NWO was finished being set up. The owners of our planet don't give a shit about Israel either.

Internal attack on the American people is in full swing with total militarized surveillance police state and DHS arms buildup against us. Full spectrum dominance is complete through NSA, CIA, and FBI. Open your eyes.

I just thank God the USA is virtually bankrupt and can't afford another large war. Complete and total economic collapse of the USA will solve most of our problems when there's no more blood to extract from our stones.